September 2023 archive

Loop round the field at the top of the 10k, new for 2023

Individual photos are part of THIS ALBUM

3.3 km, Collage and Photos

Album of photos

Warming Up at the 2023 Grantchester Charity Runs

Thanks to Lucy Carlton from the Frank Lee Centre at Addenbrookes!

300m from the finish

This really is an eye test! Can you spot yourself? Photo Album

The View from the Top (North) end of the 10k Course

Runners over the 1st km and around the new loop from 2-3km. If you can spot yourself in this you have great vision and/or were a long way ahead of the next runner! Google Photos Album

The First GCR 2023 Collage!

from the Bridge at ~1.6km of the 10k course. Album of the individual photos and more

2023 Grantchester Charity 3k Results

2023 Grantchester Charity Runs Map

Parking available in the Grantchester Village Car Park (Car Park above). Registration area (R) is a short walk from the Car Park past the Start/Finish (S/F).

2023 Grantchester Charity 10k & 3k Courses