September 2021 archive

3km Mark, GCR2021

After the short loop through and round the wood, the 10k course heads back past the Bridge Clicking on the image brings up a larger version, alternatively Click HeRe for a Google Photos album of the individual photos (and more). If you like a copy of a photo, email 10k at with the photo …

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The Bridge @1.8km, GCR2021

LINK to a Google Photos Album with the individual photos and more…

Preliminary 2021 3k Results

Congratulations to all our runners, some brilliant times! Results will be updated during the next few days.

The 2021 Grantchester Charity Runs Route Map and Marshal Plan

The route is the same as we have been using for the last 3 years and has been updated with our 2021 volunteer marshals. The 3k follows the 10k but turns to the left after 1.3km.