Sep 09

Walking the Grantchester Charity 10k Course

Photos from a walk round the 10k Course (link opens a Google Photos album)


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  1. Victoria

    Can you please tell me how many runners are registered for Sunday’s 10k run?
    Kind regards

    1. CM

      Hi Victoria, 274 runners are registered for the 10k as of right now. Thanks for your support, Christie

  2. Calvin Sambrook

    Could you tell me what surface to expect please?

    I’m now the proud owner of different running shoes for (road) / (mixed road and offroad) / (grass and trail). Which is nice but does lead to difficult decisions sometimes!

    1. CM

      Hi Calvin, The 10 k course is a mixture of farm roads and off-road tracks. Hope this helps. Best, Christie

  3. Ash hawkins

    Hi I am thinking of running this event.is the race along tracks or is it in fields and what shoes do you recommend.are normal running OK or are off road trail shoes required.

    1. CM

      Hi Ash, The Course is mixed terrain. Farm tracks, both concreted and hard packed, and about 50% well beaten paths around fields. Hope this helps, Christie

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