Sep 17

Sports Corrective Therapy

Natalie & Chloe and the SCT team will be at the Grantchester Charity Runs providing their expert advice and therapy. They are great folks and know what they are doing! Look out for them in the Registration area.

“We are a team of Sports Therapists that can provide advice and relief from running related injuries such as; runners knee, Achilles tendinopathies, shin splints etc
We also offer running assessments at our clinic, where we look at; lower limb biomechanics, landing mechanisms and analyse each joint during running, to help prevent any niggles and improve your running technique.
Services available at Grantchester Charity Runs;
– pre and post event massage
– kinesiology taping
– injury treatment and advice on what to do next
– exercise plan to help with running performance
Look forward to see you all there

Best of luck from us at Sports Corrective Therapy”

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