Sep 27

Onsite Registration

If you have already registered and paid on-line, onsite Registration is processed by Last Name, First Name

If you have not registered and paid on-line, you can register onsite as follows:

  • 10k: £20
  • 3k Adult: £15
  • 3k Accompanied under 12: £5
  • 3k Unaccompanied under 12: £10

CASH only, Please


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  1. David

    I am hoping to run in the Grantchester 10I’m but can see that the registration is closed. It does say that registration is possible on the day. I wanted to check if that is still possible or has the maximum participant number been reachec?

  2. CM

    It will be possible to register ‘on the day’ for the Grantchester Charity Runs. 10k: £20, 3k:£15. Cash only, please

  3. J

    Will I still get a chip time if I register on the day?

    1. CM

      Hi Jason,
      We have timing chips available for ‘on the day’ registrations (£20, cash please) for the 10k.

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