Sep 28

Markers and Arrows

The Grantchester Charity Runs Team were out today checking the courses are in great condition and putting out the km Markers, Arrows and Signage. Our fearless leader also checked that the extra Loos had arrived and were in place! (I’ll spare you the photographic evidence.)

Here’s my route doing the km Markers: an interesting variant on the Travelling Salesman Problem. How well do you think I did?


On course, follow the Blue arrows for the 3k and the Green for the 10k. Here’s where the courses diverge around the 1.2 km point. Not to worry though as Heathy will be Marshalling here to make sure you don’t go the wrong way.!

3k (Blue) Left  –  10k (Green) Right

The km Markers are similarly colour coded. Blue (you guessed it) for the 3k and Yellow for the 10k. Here they are are a couple in action!

1 km for the 3k (Blue) and 10k (Yellow), admittedly a tad redundant…

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