Aug 12

Grantchester Charity Runs T-shirts

Our longtime sponsor the Lunchtime Company was been generous enough to allow all the proceeds from the T-shirt sales to be donated to our designated charities. Every year has been a bit different featuring our 10 to 3 logo and our designated charities. I’m sure the 10th Anniversary T-shirts will soon be Collectors items! You can order them when you register or if you have already registered, just go to www.eventrac.co.uk/event-merchandise/grantchester-charity-run

My collection is a bit ragged, I’m afraid, but I did manage to locate four. Can anyone identify the years?

If you have more please let us know through Twitter @GCRuns or a Comment or 10k@Grantchester10k.org.

ps How about matching the front to the back?


  1. Deborah Duncan

    Hello what do the medals look like? 🥇

    1. CM

      Hi Deborah
      Here is an image of last year’s medal. http://www.grantchester10k.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/10k-medal.jpg This year will also feature our 10 to 3 logo.
      Best Regards, The Grantchester Charity Runs Team

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