Aug 14

Grantchester Charity Runs on BBC Cambridgeshire Lunchtime Live

BBC Cambridgeshire's Sue Dougan

Sue about to start chatting with Justin

Did you catch Sue Dougan talking with GCR’s Justin Fairhall today (6 August) about this and last years Grantchester Charity Runs?

Well if you didn’t, you can catch it on BBC’s iPlayer at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02xk0kh Sue and Justin start chatting 34:40 into the program (immediately after Feeder’s ‘Feeling a Moment’ one of those songs with a particularly catchy/annoying ‘Wooo Hoooo Yoooo’ chorus).

BTW, Justin has set himself a bit of a challenge so it is worth listening to the entire ~10 min segment…. Hopefully this will bring the the Nippy Junior Ventilator just a bit closer…..

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