Sep 06

2017 Grantchester Charity Runs Marshals and Latest

We are delighted to welcome the Orchard Tea Room in Grantchester as a new Gold Sponsor for the 2017 Grantchester Charity Runs. Your support is much appreciated.

A feature of the Grantchester Charity Runs has always been the marshals who will guide you round the course and provide some encouragement along the way. Below is our course map annotated with the marshal positions. Be sure to give them a wave or smile as you pass by!


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  1. Nanette North

    Are running buggies allowed?

    1. CM

      Hi Nanette, no problem on the 3k!, Hope to see you on the 8th

  2. Niamh

    Is there on the day entery?

    1. CM

      Hi Niamh, On the day registration is £20 pp 10k, £15 per adult 3k, £10 per under12 3k. Cash only. Hope to see you on Sunday!

  3. Fiona

    Is there car parking available please? Not clear on the website

    1. CM

      Plenty of Parking in the Village Car Park, 150m from the Registration Area

  4. ewa

    can i do 10k run with a buggy?

    1. CM

      Hi Ewa, The 10k course is not suited to buggies, Sorry. However the 3k course is perfectly suited. Hope this helps

  5. Trish Stern

    I am disappointed that My name Trish Steen race number 288 did not feature on the results list especially after the effort involved to complete it. Otherwise a great event. Please post my result Thanks.

    1. CM

      Hi Trish, Apologies but it appears your chip did not record a time. However, we have found you in the video back-up which suggests your gun time was 1.03.24. You have been added to the updated 10k results. Thanks again for supporting the Grantchester Charity 10k!

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