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Mar 19

2016 Grantchester Charity 10k Registration Now Open

Results coming soon….

Same great Course (remember there are no awkward road crossings) with a great new cause to support! ACT are pioneering the first UK diabetes camps for children aged between 8-12 who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The camps will enable the young people to learn how to manage their diabetes properly, understand that they can live life to the full and meet other children who too have type 1 diabetes. These camps are run by the Weston Centre at Addenbrooke’s.

CrossFit RNA will be back, and I’ve found out why the ‘RNA’! So will Flair with their post-race refreshments and generous sponsorship. More details and registration click below….

Grantchester 10k Registration

We also have our 3k Family focused run and you can find out more about it HERE


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  1. Lauren Magilton

    Is this an open charity event, ie can we run this 10k on behalf of another registered charity.

    1. CM

      Hi Lauren, Yes!

  2. Lauren

    Do i just register as normal?

    Best, Lauren

    1. CM

      Yes. Please register as normal.

  3. Leslke taylor

    I have registered but have received no confirmation, only a receipt from PayPal. Will you send one please?

    1. CM

      Hi Leslie, Apologies that you did not receive your confirmation. I have sent you the details of your registration via e-mail. Many thanks for your donations to ACT!

      1. Leslke taylor

        Thank you!

  4. Leslke taylor

    Thank you!

  5. Jess davis

    Hello, I registered a while ago beginning of August I believe and like above I have only received a reciept from PayPal. Does this matter? Me and my dad have both registered and neither of us have received any confirmation just the receipt as stated.
    We do not have any information of where to go ect?

    Kind regards
    Jess davis

    1. CM

      Hi Jess
      Many apologies. We have reservations for Jessica and Lee Davis from August 7th & 8th. I will contact you with the full details.
      There is a map on http://www.grantchester10k.org showing the location. It is on the Trumpington side of Grantchester. There will be flags etc. marking the site.
      Thanks for supporting the Grantchester 10k, Christie

  6. Charlotte Harris

    Hi I have also only received a paypal receipt and can see my name and my friends on the list but have no other details.

    If you can please help that will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    1. CM

      Hi Charlotte
      I will e-mail your registration details. The website has been updated with timings and parking information.
      Thanks for your support of the Grantchester Charity Runs, Christie

  7. Geson Wendam

    Hi! If I am living near Addenbrookes how could i get there in the starting line. Sorry im just new here in cambridge so i am not familiar of the places. Thankyou. I really wanna run in your event

    1. CM

      Hi Geson
      Welcome to Cambridge! The start of the Grantchester 10k is 2.7 miles from Addenbrookes. From Trumpington, take Grantchester Road from the High Street. There’s a map showing the location in the Sidebar of the Grantchester10k homepage.
      Hope to see you on the 9th

  8. Sara Kohnke

    Hello, I have also registered but received no confirmation (only a receipt from PayPal). Will you send one please? Thanks!

    1. CM

      Hi Sara
      Apologies for the problem. I’ve emailed your registration details. Here is the gist of the confirmation e-mail

      Thanks for signing up for the Grantchester Charity 10k on Sunday, October 9, 2016!

      The Runs and Parking are located on the Trumpington side of Grantchester

      On-Site Registration: 9:00am
      Warm-up with CrossFit RNA: 10:10am
      10k Start: 10:30am
      3k Start: 10:40am
      post Race: Our tradition refreshments of tea, coffee and a sausage or bacon bap!
      Presentations: Noon

      Thanks again for your support
      Grantchester Charity Runs
      More and Latest Info http://www.grantchester10k.org

  9. Andrew campbell

    hi i signed up quite a while ago but haven’t received anything about the event only a pay pal receipt?

    1. CM

      Hi Andrew, We have you registered for the 10k. We look forward to seeing you on the 9th, Christie

  10. Nikki hall

    Hi, I have registered my sister and me, but haven’t received a confirmation email. Can you also let me know where to park please?

    1. CM

      Hi Nikki, Parking is available in the Grantchester Village Car park which is about 200m further towards Trumpington. It will be well sign-posted. I will e-mail your registration details. I believe part of problem with missing confirmation e-mails is that they had to be requested during the registration process. I have now changed it so they are sent automatically. Thanks for your support, Christie

  11. Rebecca Stephenson

    Hi There,

    I registered for myself and my partner but like the others only received a receipt confirmation. Do we collect our t-shirts on the day?

    Many Thanks

    Becky & Vinnie

    1. CM

      Hi Becky & Vinnie, I have e-mailed your registration details, Best Regards Christie

  12. Diane Eichelsheim

    Good afternoon,

    Sorry, I seem to have the same problem. I’ve registered but so far I’ve only received a PayPal receipt… Should I be receiving any other form of confirmation?

    Best wishes,


    1. CM

      Hi Diane, I have e-mailed your registration details, Best Regards, Christie

  13. Helen

    Hi, I have registered my fiancé and me but have not received any details for Sunday. Can you please confirm our registration and email the details. Thanks,

    1. CM

      Hi Helen
      I’ve sent you an e-mail. The details and timings are on the front page of the website.
      Thanks for your support

  14. Nikki Morton

    I registered in August to do the 10k but have not had any registration confirmation. I only know from replies above, I’m a little concerned as it is only a few days away. Am I supposed to bring anything with me? Paypal confirmation or will I be getting an email reply?

    1. CM

      Hi Nikki
      I’ve e-mailed your registration details.
      See you on Sunday

  15. Elizabeth

    can I sign up on sunday?

    1. CM

      Hi Elizabeth, You can sign-up on Sunday. Best, Christie

  16. elke

    so there is no problem to register on the day, am I right? How much will it be to register for the 10k run?



    1. CM

      Registration on Sunday will be possible. I’d advise coming early if possible

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