Aug 26

GCR’s Very Own Marshal(l) Plan*

Grantchester Charity Runs sent one of its Finest to run the new 10k Course. He pointed out a couple of improvements that had passed us Walkers by. So we’ve tweaked the 10k to eliminate a couple of potential bottlenecks in the last quarter of the route. The 3k (actually Cambridgeshire’s first πk for the mathematically inclined**) remains unchanged. The 10k course maps have been updated but here is a copy anyway.

Revised 10k

A feature of the Grantchester Charity Runs that has been attracted a lot of positive feedback is the number of marshals out on the Courses. Below is an illustrated map of the Courses showing the location of the marshals. When you are ‘on Course’, please make sure that you stay ‘on course’ by following their instructions. In particular, after you pass the 1km marker, look out for Nigel who’ll tell you to stay right if you are a 10k’er and left if you are on the 3k. With just over 1km to go, George will be on hand with encouragement as the 10k and 3k Courses merge.

Marshal Plan 2015

* You might need Google if you are under 50 to appreciate this witticism…
** OK, I admit I’m taking a punt here……

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