Oct 09

Updated 3k Results

Congratulations to Harry and Ella Miels and all our 2016 Grantchester Charity 3k Runners! Results are provisional while we double check with our timers.
The list will be updated with more complete information. So be sure to check back.

#Race Number Time
1545Harry Miels12.10
2541Luca Sangiovanni12.28
3544Ella Miels12.34
4513Matthew Smith12.36
5514Andrew Smith12.38
6566Gregory Heirman13.35
7645Henry Pemberton13.42
8503Noah Blanchard13.47
9637Tommy Westcott13.51
10563Loic Dubois13.54
11644Ewan Enterkin13.59
12533George Glemas14.01
13534Charlie Glemas14.03
14540Sophie Russell14.06
15638Siana Brealey14.09
16542Manas Kakar14.40
17506Tim Blanchard15.02
18561Elisa Dubois15.07
19535Alfie Sharrock15.11
20573John Sawtell15.14
21572Ben Sawtell15.17
22516Etta Salam-Browne15.20
23549James Fry15.40
24551Andy Fry15.42
25629Ashley Butcher15.50
26628Daniel Heginbottom15.56
27509Nhial Srinivasan16.28
28524Isaac Broughton16.46
29567Julia Heirman16.49
30530Lara Collingwood16.54
31531Jem Collingwood17.02
32558Theo Vowles17.04
33537Natalie Maclay17.06
34546Jane Miels17.12
35553Helen Holdsworth17.19
36552Andrew Holdsworth17.21
37526Carrie Broughton17.28
38505Theo Blanchard17.45
39504Ruth Blanchard17.57
40525Noah Broughton18.00
41557Jonah Parsons18.06
42556Eira Vowles18.18
43554Freya Walker18.21
44538Niklas Maclay18.24
45539Carmen Hobbs18.27
46627Thea Apic18.31
47626Goga Apic18.34
48569Ella Carlyon18.49
49562Emmanuelle Dubois18.50
50648Noam Frechter18.53
51523Elaine Murphy18.55
52643Lewis Enterkin18.57
53528James Williamson18.59
54642Jill Enterkin19.03
55564Marine Dubois19.43
56565Philippe Dubois19.46
57635Laura Hofmann19.51
58634Riika Hofmann19.54
59517Sharon Ashton20.07
60536Sarah Sharrock20.19
61529Tashie Collingwood20.21
62532Clennell Collingwood20.23
64543Ava Miels20.35
65623Jenna Koralek20.45
66512Peggy Goodell21.02
67568Cindy Chang21.04
68559Kevin Kester21.06
69527Ollie Batts21.20
70640Laura Bagshaw22.13
71502Mollie Stoner22.23
72501Michelle Stoner22.25
73521Jannick Burgold22.34
74522Thomas Burgold22.35
75649Shaked Frechter22.51
76646Shahar Frechter22.54
77647Vered Frechter23.22
78650Amelia Sangiovanni23.47
79508Alexander Kuhnle23.51
80507Shachi Amdekar23.53
81560Morgane de Trogoff24.05
83548Kate Fry24.48
84550Emily Fry24.50
85547Kathy Whiting25.20
86515Elliot Chubb26.10
87510Sophie Brailey26.10
88511Tony Brailey26.10
89518Sarah Chubb26.11
92519Mark Parsons28.00
93641Katie Bagshaw30.31
94639Darroch Bagshaw31.27
95625Anna Broadhurst33.41
96624Chris Broadhurst33.56

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  1. Claire glemas

    Hi. My sons George and Charlie ran this 3km at the weekend, in times of around 14:02 and 14:04. Is this the finished list? Thanks – Claire Gkemas.

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