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Mar 05

Grantchester Charity Runs: A Brief History

2019 sees the 10th Anniversary Grantchester Charity Runs being held on Sunday, September 29th. The first 10k was run by 30…

Sep 10

Grantchester Charity 3k Course Walk

Photos from a walk round the 3k Course

Sep 09

Walking the Grantchester Charity 10k Course

Dave, Jerry, Justin, T.K. and myself set out on Saturday to check out the new 2015/6 Grantchester Charity Runs Courses. It really was a bootiful day….

Grantchester Charity Runs: A brief history

As the popularity of the Grantchester Charity Runs has grown over the years, here are some of the changes we have made to make the event a more rewarding experience for everyone.


Sunday, September 30th 2018 New for 2018: Maggie’s Centre Cambridge joins us as designated charity… … along with ACT- Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust …

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Nov 06

Photos from the 2015 Grantchester Charity Runs

Photos from the 2015 Grantchester Charity 10k & 3k

2015 GCR 10k 0.5km

2015 GCR 3k @0.5km

2015 GCR 3k @2.5km

2015 GCR 10k 9.5km

2015 GCR 10k & 3k Starts

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