Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust

The Grantchester Cricket Club has been actively supporting the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust through organizing the Grantchester Charity Runs and fund raising activities. In 2012, sponsorship monies raised at the Fun Runs went to the Big Push for the Rosie Hospital, in 2013, the Healing Hearts Campaign and in 2014 the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal.

Since 2004 nearly £500,000 has been raised to support breast cancer research and treatment at Addenbrooke’s. Results of the funds raised by the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal can be seen in-

Specialist technologies

      : The specimen x-ray machine offers surgeons more accuracy while operating, lowers patient risk and reduces the time needed for each procedure. This means more women can be operated on in a single day and more lives can be saved.

Leading-edge research: A large proportion of these funds contributed to the £2 million raised for the Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit – an integral part of a multi-disciplinary approach that is dramatically increasing understanding of the disease and how to treat it. Recently, ten different types of breast cancer have been identified plus the genetic code of some key different cancers – laying the groundwork for more effective, targeted treatment plans.

Improved patient facilities: The Friends Quiet Room was created at the Breast Unit to offer women a tranquil place for reflection at a stressful and sensitive time.

There are many ways you can support this vital Charitable Trust and Appeal by generating sponsorship for an activity or goal that you dedicate yourself to achieving. For example, you could breed a special rose!
‘Celebrating Life’ – the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal rose: Award-winning specialist rose breeder, Harkness Roses, has created a wonderful bespoke rose for the Appeal – the perfect
addition to any summer garden. Harkness will donate £5 from every ‘Celebrating Life’ rose sold. You can order yours direct from Harkness.