Jun 19

ACT’s Emergency Children’s Ambulance Campaign

The 10th Anniversary Grantchester Charity Runs are proud to be supporting the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust campaign to purchase an Emergency Children’s Ambulance for the East of England

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) is fundraising for a new specialist children’s ambulance service, dedicated to providing the highest level of care for the region’s sickest children.

This service will benefit on average 1,700 patients a year.

Adults and new-born babies in our region who need intensive care treatment for complex conditions are blue-lighted by a dedicated, specialist ambulance service to the most appropriate hospital.

Surprisingly, there is no such service in our region that can specifically provide intensive care for critically ill children.

The new dedicated emergency children’s ambulance service would effectively provide an Intensive Care Unit on wheels to keep children alive during transfers, ensuring that they survive long enough to get to Addenbrooke’s.

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