Oct 01

2019 GCR Team Competition

2019 GCR Team Cup

Congratulations to all the participants in the 2019 GCR Team Competition.

The worthy winners are GWR2 who just beat out sister team GWR by less than 5 minutes and averaged just over 43 minutes per their 3 top runners.

They received the cup in a ‘virtual’ presentation on Sunday from Andrea of Maggie’s Centre Cambridge.

Photo credit: Jo Anthony Photography

Full results

RankTeamPlacesTotal Time
3The Fat Grabbers26902:29:00
4The Tortoises31502:30:26
5Running Events Cambs36102:35:32
6Team Newman40102:36:56
7Team Pea47102:42:57
8We Must Be Mad78603:05:00
9JFAN Fundraiser81103:06:02
11Paediatric psychology plodders89703:12:37

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