Oct 15

2015 Grantchester 3k Results

Congratulations to All the 2015 Grantchester 3k Participants

PositionRace #NameTime
138Ella Miels11.50
37Alexander MacLay12.10
425Lily Goodwin12.20
523George Collier12.40
640Aoife Screaton13.10
722Valentine Ballingal13.20
827Andrew Smith13.30
828Matthew Smith13.30
1019Ed Harrison13.50
1111Tommy Westcott14.20
1221Henry Pemberton14.15
1312Richard Westcott14.20
1454Ethan Walker14.45
1513Christopher Williamson15.10
1535Nicholas Wingate15.10
171Agnieszka Nowakowska15.20
186Freddy Sales16.00
1961William Caton16.05
2062Joseph Neneth jnr16.30
2124Connie Goodwin16.35
228Theo Sales17.00
2329Petra Smith17.05
2459Eira Vowles17.10
255Natalie McClarg17.20
2655Freya Walker17.50
2720James Harrison18.00
2865Daniel Belteki18.30
2963Joseph Neneth Snr18.35
2966Gusztav Belteki18.35
3152Gareth Adams19.30
3153Sebastian Adams19.30
3167Emma Sansom19.30
3468Edith Eligator19.40
3556Not Recorded19.50
3626Rachel Newman20.20
3758Theo Vowles21.50
3816Lucy Snell21.50
3818Thomas Snell21.50
4057Amy Wetton22.05
419Nick Sales22.50
4110Hugo Sales22.50
433Anne Pettigrew23.20
434Ruth Pettigrew23.20
4431Olivia Tomlinson26.13
4514Emily Snell26.30
4517Richard Snell26.30
4537Anna Broadhurst30.10

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