Jun 27

10th Anniversary Team Competition

To celebrate our Tenth, we are having a second Special Team Competition!
(As a reminder.. for the first competition, Teams of 5 are recommended with the best 3 times in the 10k to count.)

The Special 10th Anniversary Team Competition is for ‘Best Theme or Outfit’ and is open to all participants. There is no need to run together but it will be judged on the Course so make sure your outfit or theme makes it obvious to the mystery judge(s) that you are part of the same Team.

That’s it for the guidelines but if we had the competition last year one of the runners in the image might have won!

Entering a team is simple. When registering, just add yourself to a team of friend or colleague has already created via the drop down list or create a new Team.

Cups for the winners of both competitions!

1 comment

  1. Robin Newman


    This is a great idea!

    Please could you add Robin Newman to Team Newman. Claire Newman is already linked to this team.

    Is this possible please?

    Many thanks

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